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Rich body and full umami flavor of wheat / 豐富和全新鮮的小麥風味

Price for 24 Cans in Box 價格以箱計算含 24 罐

Suntory Rich Malt Kinmugi 三得利天然水金麥啤酒 (Box/箱 of 24 Cans罐)

SKU: JB004
HK$380.00 Regular Price
HK$190.00Sale Price
  • Kin-mugi is a beer-like beverage in a completely new category* that features the rich body and full umami flavor of wheat. Crafted with an emphasis on wheat umami flavor, using mostly umami malt that is packed with savory components, decoction brewing to extract the savory components from the malt, and the perfect balance of fragrant aroma hops and bitter hops.


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