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OUR STORY/我們的良心!


It's how we delivery pure fresh Japan made beer , so to keeping the Original beer taste, while traveling by sea for more than 5 days? The Answer is "Refrigerated Containers" which are precisely temperature controlled at 15 C", Rather than the normal method of delivery, using dry non-refrigerated containers which are exposed to very high temperatures that tend to  boil the beer during transport therefore that wonderful, Barley and Hops Japanese traditional flavor is lost!

我們是如何運送日本製造新鮮的啤酒,並保持原汁原味的啤酒味道在五天內由海運到達香港? 答案是“冷藏集裝箱並保持溫度在15度”,而不是用普通集裝箱,啤酒在海上集裝箱內沸騰過,而令日本啤酒內傳統的大麥及啤酒花的口感喪失及味道起了變化。

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